Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

Defending You Against Traffic Charges

Traffic citations for offenses such as speeding, failure to obey signage and other charges are among the most common legal matters people encounter, especially people who have long commutes or other reasons to drive often.

An experienced lawyer may be able to help you avoid or reduce the consequences of a traffic citation. If you have received a traffic ticket anywhere in South Carolina, contact us to get an established Fort Mill law firm on your side.

Taking Points And Insurance Into Account

Many people who receive traffic tickets only take into account the amount of the fine and often decide that it is easier to just pay the fine than to contest the ticket.

Paying a traffic citation means pleading guilty to a traffic offense. A guilty plea can result in points on your driver’s license — potentially leading to license suspension — and higher insurance premiums.

Often, an experienced attorney can help you get the points reduced or get the charge reduced to a lesser offense that does not impact points or insurance rates. We may also be able to get the fine reduced.

We handle traffic citations throughout South Carolina, not just in the Fort Mill area. If you received a traffic ticket on Interstate 26 (I-26), Interstate 20 (I-20), Interstate 95 (I-95), Interstate 85 (I-85), Interstate 77 (I-77) or any other South Carolina highway, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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