Preparing Your Last Will And Testament

The foundation of any complete estate plan is a basic will. This document allows you to decide where your assets will go after your death, and it gives you the ability to distribute your wealth to specific beneficiaries as you see fit. Failing to have a will could have a negative impact on your loved ones in the event of your unexpected death.

Dying without a will could mean that South Carolina’s law of intestate succession determines the distribution of your assets. This may mean your estate could end up with people you did not intend to have it. The Fort Mill estate planning attorneys at Mack & Mack Attorneys can help you draft a will that suits your needs and build an estate plan that gives you confidence for the future.

What Can A Will Do For You?

A will can be more than just a document that outlines the distribution of your estate and assets. You can accomplish the following in your last will and testament:

  • A will allows you to determine where your minor children will go and who will care for them in case of your passing.
  • A will allows you to specifically identify the assets you want to go to which beneficiary. This can eliminate confusion and fighting over estate assets.
  • A will is the foundation of your estate plan and offers you essential protection. Once it is in place, you can add other tools to complete your plan.

Drafting a will is the first step in estate planning. Once this is in place, you can move forward with other things that will allow you to expand and complete your unique estate plan. Some of these things may include establishment of trustshealth care planning, financial powers of attorney and more.

We Can Help You Take The First Step

You’ve worked hard to build your assets; now you can take a moment to make your wishes known and put into place estate planning structures such as wills and trusts that will make it easier to implement those wishes.

We have extensive experience helping clients design their estate plans and drafting the relevant documents. When you need an estate planning lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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