Real Estate Contracts And Lease Agreements

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Real Estate Contracts And Lease Agreements

Effective Representation In Real Estate Transactions

The real estate market in York and Lancaster counties, as well as throughout the Fort Mill and Rock Hill areas, is thriving. In this market, many property owners and potential buyers choose to represent themselves throughout the transaction process. If you opted to forgo the services of a real estate broker, the team at Mack & Mack Attorneys can help.

Our attorneys have been assisting Fort Mill residents with various types of real estate matters for decades. We use this experience and our in-depth knowledge of the law to preserve and protect the interests of our clients, particularly in drafting strong purchase and sale contracts and carefully reviewing contracts. Our goal is to shield you from unnecessary complications and help you reach your goals. Even if you are not buying or selling property, our attorneys have experience in both drafting and reviewing leasing agreements so that our clients are protected.

The Importance Of Strong Contracts

There are significant legal and financial issues at stake in a South Carolina real estate transaction. In many cases, individuals are unsure of how to read required contracts or how to draft strong contracts on their own. We provide experienced guidance in sale by owner transactions, specifically in contract matters. Our team can draft a contract that suits your needs, protects your interests and is enforceable in the event of a dispute.

Our lawyers also review contracts presented to you by a broker. The terms of a contract are critical, and it is prudent to ensure that they are fair and do not bind you to obligations that may be financially detrimental in the future. Careful review of any type of real estate contract is critical, and we help you with this, as well as a renegotiation of any terms.

Think Before You Sign

No matter the type of property transaction, we tenaciously represent the interests of our clients at every step. Before you sign, call for an appointment with a member of our team. We can explain your rights and provide an understanding of what you can do to further protect your interests. We serve clients throughout the Fort Mill area. Call us at 803-548-4751 or email for additional information.


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