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What are some basic estate planning tips?

It might not come as a surprise to South Carolina residents that almost half of the people across the country do not have a will. Many people associate drafting a will and engaging in estate planning as something an elderly person will do, but consider this scenario-a couple dies in a fatal car accident and minor children are left behind without any guardian or one part of an unmarried couple dies suddenly and leaves their partner of five years without any share in an estate.

Estate planning can help avoid those outcomes, more so in cases where people are living in blended families or are unmarried. If someone dies without a will, their assets are distributed to the closest biological family they have. This means an unmarried partner might be overlooked for a sibling or a previous spouse might get a bigger share than the current partner. Planning in advance and updating estate documents from time to time can ensure one has a say in the way their assets are distributed upon their death and how their health will be managed should they no longer be able make decisions about it themselves.

3 important points on cryptocurrency and estate planning

It is becoming more and more common for individuals to own a fair amount of digital assets. Examples include bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

As with other types of property, it can be critical for people to give thought and attention to what will happen with any cryptocurrency they own when they pass away. Today, we’ll go over three important estate planning considerations when it comes to such assets.

The estate planning checklist you need to see

Planning for the future is important, regardless of the size of your estate. Life can throw you curve balls, and with careful planning, you can face the future with confidence and security that your interests and those of your loved ones are protected. Estate planning is a wise decision for everyone, but is especially important for older individuals, those planning for retirement or those with children.

A detailed estate plan defines your objectives as thoroughly as possible so that your loved ones know what you want after your death, or if you are unable to express your wishes as you weaken.

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