Looking at South Carolina’s Hands-Free Act

18 Apr, 2022

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On the road, you could find yourself charged with various traffic-related offenses, whether you drive too fast or you fail to stop when necessary. In addition, the South Carolina Legislature states that it is against the law to use a wireless electronic device to send or read text messages while driving. However, current law makes an exception to hands-free wireless devices. That said, the proposed legislation takes a tougher stance on the use of electronic devices while driving.

It is important to stay up to date on these changes in order to avoid facing charges.

The Hands-Free Act and phone use

According to the South Carolina Legislature, the Hands-Free Act is a proposed bill that could make it unlawful for drivers to hold their phones for any reason. Furthermore, it could become unlawful to participate in a video call or watch a video on a mobile device while driving, even if you do not physically hold the device.

This bill has already passed the Senate and is currently awaiting approval in the House.

Distracted driving penalties under the Hands-Free Act

On top of stricter laws regarding the use of electronic devices while driving, the Hands-Free Act also proposes tougher penalties targeting distracted driving. Those charged with distracted driving could have points on their driving record, and they could also pay more costly fines.

Sometimes, drivers find themselves wrongly accused of texting behind the wheel. If you currently have a traffic ticket related to the use of an electronic device while driving, you need to review the details of the allegations and your options closely.

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