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Can zoning laws change?

South Carolina residents looking to invest their hard-earned money into a new business or to buy a new home need to ensure that they are getting their real estate in the right place. Real property can only be used in certain ways, dictated by laws that are called zoning laws or ordinances. They define the type of developmental and operational use of law that is allowed in any given location.

What does a speeding ticket really cost you?

Have you ever left the house a little late for work and tried to make up the time out on the road? How about being late to pick up one of the kids from school and was feeling guilty about leaving them stranded. The remedy you most likely chose to fix both circumstances was to drive faster. Possibly even significantly over the speed limit.

Public deaths show different estate planning strategies

Confronting the inevitability of one's demise is not an easy task, which is why many people avoid doing it, including South Carolina residents. This is also demonstrated by the fact that over half of adults across the country do not have a will and have never spoken to their family members about their wishes for the way they want to end their life and how they want their last rites performed. The importance of estate planning and the consequences of the lack of an estate plan are demonstrated by the recent deaths of two highly public figures.

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