When traffic infractions become serious offenses

24 Jun, 2019

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The Department of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina has a system that assigns point values to a variety of traffic offenses. Minor traffic violations carry minimal points, whereas serious crimes have higher point values. At Mack & Mack Attorneys we often assist clients with their traffic tickets by getting the points lowered or changing the offense to a lesser charge.

According to FindLaw, most traffic violations ticketed are infractions or minor offenses. You may receive a citation for a non-dangerous moving violation or mechanical issues, such as an inoperable turn signal or malfunctioning headlight. This type of infraction does not carry the same penalty as the more serious offenses.

Minor issues can become misdemeanors or felonies if the infraction results in injuries or property destruction. Rolling through a red light or stop sign may be a lesser offense if no threat of, or actual damage occurs. However, if an accident occurs and victims of the accident sustained injuries due to your failure to stop, the charges you face may be severe.

The consequences of traffic misdemeanors include fines and incarceration for less than a year in county jail. If an accident occurs as a result of rolling through a red light and death or severe injuries result, the charge may be a felony traffic offense. If convicted, you may lose the right to hold certain types of jobs, have a drivers’ license or vote. An attorney experienced in traffic offenses may help minimize the punishment for misdemeanors or felonies. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.

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