What does a speeding ticket really cost you?

12 Oct, 2018

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Have you ever left the house a little late for work and tried to make up the time out on the road? How about being late to pick up one of the kids from school and was feeling guilty about leaving them stranded. The remedy you most likely chose to fix both circumstances was to drive faster. Possibly even significantly over the speed limit.

In 2016, 10,111 people died nationally due to speeding related accidents out on the roads. That accounted for 27 percent of all traffic fatalities that year.

Receiving a ticket for going over the speed limit may only be part of your problem. A police officer may determine that your speed was excessively dangerous due to certain conditions and you could be arrested for that violation. But are you aware of the cost a speeding ticket  can be for you?

The cost

You should figure that the average speeding ticket along with court fees will cost you around $150. In South Carolina, there could be additional surcharges added on based on your actual speed and what county court you are in. A speeding ticket will also add points to your driver’s license, anywhere from 2 to 4 points based on the speed you were going. Depending on circumstances, fines, surcharges and points could just be the beginning for you. You could have your driver’s license suspended for at least 30 days or even taken away from you if drugs or alcohol were found in your system. An accident due to your speeding that injured another person can also result in jail or loss of license.

If you take a defensive driving course, you can plan to pay around $35. By doing this, you may be able to get points removed from your license and it can also help relieve the rising cost that is sure to come on your insurance premium.


A speeding ticket does not end with paying the court fines and fees. You should expect an increase in your auto insurance premium. It is not unusual that speeding infractions may raise your annual premium cost by hundreds of dollars. Your insurance carrier may even decide to cancel your policy with them.

Of course, a speeding ticket is not life altering, but it is a frustration that is easily avoided. Any one speeding ticket can lead to larger and more expensive problem for you.

If you just can’t help speeding when you are late for work or to pick up the kids, you just may need to start leaving earlier.

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