Should you fight your speeding ticket?

11 Oct, 2021

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You may have grown up with the notion that if you get a speeding ticket, you should simply pay for it and move on with your life. But paying your speeding ticket serves as an admission of guilt, and you could end up facing repercussions later in life because of it.

If you want to avoid raised insurance rates, impacts to your driving record and more, you may want to consider fighting your speeding ticket.

What to do at the moment

Nerd Wallet looks at what actions you can take after getting a speeding ticket. First, you should take action from the moment you end up pulled over. You will want to gather information, such as the tool the officer used to determine your speed. Maintain a polite demeanor and try not to stand out, as this could make it harder for the officer to recall details about you in court. Say very little as well, since what you say can end up used against you.

When the officer exits the scene, record every pertinent piece of information you can think of. This includes the location, day, time, and potential factors that could have affected your speed, such as an obscured traffic sign.

How to prepare for court

If you choose to fight the ticket in court, you can take several steps to boost your chances of success. Gather evidence and make arrangements for witnesses to speak on your behalf. Do research on the speed equipment the officer used. Delay the hearing to give yourself the maximum amount of time to prepare, and plan your questions out in advance. You could also benefit from the guidance of legal help, who can walk you through preparation before a court case.

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