Are you getting ready to sell your business?

02 Aug, 2021

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Eventually, as a business owner, you will likely come to the point where you want to sell your business. Whether that is to enjoy retirement, to pursue another passion or because of unforeseen life circumstances, one thing remains the same: you must have what you need to face the market.

Entrepreneurs looking to buy your business will scrutinize it before making a purchase, so you must know what to expect and how to address whatever comes up.

Getting professionally evaluated

Forbes examines tips for selling your business and the preparation you must undertake to do so. First, conduct a third-party evaluation. This provides a professional evaluation of your company, which will provide a potential buyer with a solid measure of your business’ worth. A valuation specialist can examine your liabilities and assets, using them to come up with a detailed report.

Addressing any problems

Next, address problems with your business. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking to buy your business and think about potential areas of doubt they may have. Maybe you have an expired license, a lapsed contract with a vendor, or repairs that need to happen to the actual building your business is in. Once you identify these issues, take the time to fix and address them. Make sure at this time that your operational documents are all complete and accessible, too.

Preparing your business records

Finally, get your business records prepared. Expect any buyer to evaluate your records so they can know how much risk your business comes with. Documents you will need include net profit statements, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, business tax returns going back three years, and monthly bank statements that go back several years.

Financial transparency can aid in getting you a sale and even expedite the process. If you need help organizing these documents and other matters, consider contacting legal help.

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