What are the common mistakes to avoid writing a will?

04 Jun, 2020

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If you want your family in South Carolina to be looked after when you are gone, a last will and testament is probably something you have at least given thought to. Even if you are still relatively young, if you have significant assets and family or close friends, a will can be a great assurance for your loved ones in case things do go wrong.

If you are just starting your will or you already have a draft, you’ll need to make sure it is done properly. If you can avoid the most common mistakes people make in writing wills, your loved ones will thank you.

The common errors

While you would think that the errors are pretty randomly spread out, there are actually a few specific issues that pop up over and over again in people’s wills. One of these, pointed out by SmartAsset, is leaving some assets out. If you do not specify the fate of one of your assets, state law will take over in determining the inheritance.

Another mistake people make is forgetting to update their wills. For instance, you get a divorce but forget to take your ex-wife’s name off the will. If something were to unexpectedly happen to you, others you could have named in your will might lose out.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that there are rules and regulations on how to write a will. Before you finalize your will make sure to inform yourself about whether the will needs to be notarized, the number of witnesses you need and whether there are age restrictions.

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