How to protect the cyber data of your business

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Running a small business is an exciting and rewarding achievement that is part of living the American dream. However, many entrepreneurs who are inexperienced with regard to the unique challenges posed by operating a small business may run into trouble. In the increasingly online world of today, it is important that small business owners recognize the importance of protecting their cyber data from hackers. Many smart South Carolina entrepreneurs have already taken action to safeguard their intellectual property, but it is a good idea for all small business owners to recognize the weak points in their security and develop a plan to protect their work.

The Federal Communications Commission has published a helpful list for small business owners interested in strengthening their electronic and online data. Included in this list are sensible tips such as developing a consistent schedule for data backups, investing in updated security systems and setting up secure networks for internet access. Hackers may often seek out weak points in security, so locking down access points can discourage those with nefarious intent. Even though a business may be small, owners and employees should understand the value in keeping company data safe.

Lately, there has been growing interest in how to stay ahead of hackers who seek to steal company data. A 2018 report published by three Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers in the ACM Computing Surveys journal investigated not only how cybercriminals operate but also how small business owners can build security systems that deter these hackers from accessing their information. Considering that this report found that 32% of companies have been compromised by cybercriminals, it is a good idea for small business owners to take action.